Thursday, October 08, 2009

Good Ol' Gambit

Well, gang...

drove 5 hours from vegas to cali, only to discover that our 16 year old family dog, Gambit, is pretty sick. We took him into the emergency vet at 5am, followed by a regular (and cheaper) vet around 9am. They did bloodwork, clipped his nails, and he looked very handsome. we were hopeful that it was just surgery they were gonna have to do on his teeth, and we started him on antibiotics.

I passed out when I got home that day, and didn't wake up for awhile, even though I had a bunch of work to do for my meeting w/ Fred Seibert at Frederator/Nickelodeon the next day.

I got a call early this morning at 9am from the Vet who had reviewed the bloodwork, and it turns out Gambit is doing worse than we thought. His kidneys are failing him. The doc started to explain about how they could transfuse his blood, and how much, it costs, but my hearing kinda started fading, and I looked down to Gambit, who was looking at me bright eyed. Luckily, my brother was listening too as I had the vet on speakerphone.

My family all agreed that we don't want Gambit to feel anymore pain, and that we should celebrate his long, happy life we all shared with him, and were lucky enough to share with him.

He is a real good guy.

I remember when we first got him, we were living in a townhome, and we had bought a basket for him to sleep in. At the time I didn't want to share my room w/ my brother, so I slept in the living room on the couch with his basket near me. This little dude would whimper at me, and I would take him and he would curl up on my chest, our hearts beating together.

We will probably be putting him to sleep in the next few days. I had a great meeting with Fred, despite the situation w/ Gambit.

He is my brother's best friend, I know he will miss him most out of all of us. This is a hard choice to make, without feeling like a bad guy.But we all know he will be in a better place, free of pain.

There's a phrase that's been bouncing around my head during all this over and over: "This Too Shall Pass."

I sure am gonna miss my little buddy Gambit.


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