Sunday, August 21, 2005

3 best pals

yo. in a few days i'll be rolling back to cali. Back to the land o' sunshine and smog. My buddy lee and i are gonna be moving in together somewhere on the outskirts of either burbank or glendale. Hope we find a reasonably priced place. if anyone out there have any leads, let me know. jobwise or apartment-wise.
from then on, it's gonna be time to dust off the olde portfolio and resume, and start doing the hustle. time for pitching to the big boys and girls.
wish me luck.
see some of you soon.
peace out,

Sunday, August 14, 2005

some serene ass bullsh*t...

hi all,
here's a few more water color pieces i made...
the first one is my gf's parents new puppy dog, a beautiful yet mischevious Shiba Inu breed named Hanako, caught during a more peaceful moment.
the second one is just some sappy stuff... i dunno... some pictures just happen and won't let you stop drawing them til yr done.
yo, i'm out.

Warning: This might make you Retarded!!!

Here's a little stream of consciousness comic i did a few weeks ago, I wanted to time myself and see how fast and badly i could color this little unholy beast of pure unadulterated nonsense. i finished this in about 20-25 minutes. clickie click on the pix to make em bigger, unless you like squinting yr eyes a lot.
i'm sorry,

Friday, August 12, 2005


Yet another story i'm working on. just a design color test.

Who lives in a bubble inside your Ball-Sack?

howdy again y'all,
I was bored last nite, so i grabbed my gf's watercolor set and got busy. it was really fun making these! I think i found a new medium to play with...
Me as a mermaid is pretty funny, and i think Sperm Shot Cube Shorts will be the "Next Big Thing" to land on kid's lunchboxes everywhere! ew, that sounds nasty...

Tales To Make You Pee Your Pants!!!

Sorry, I haven't been able to post in awhile, but here is my newest installment! That's right y'all, yr's truly is getting published by a cool indy mini-comic company out in South Carolina, Wide Awake Press. The mini anthology i'll be in is called, Wide Awake #666, and is kinda appropriate that i make my 5 page, FULL COLOR (WOOHOO!!!) debut in a horror themed issue! As you can tell by the art, my story is called Tales To Make You Pee Your Pants! It's all about a little boy who prays to God to magically transform him into a werewolf. It's a silly little metaphor for puberty, elementary school 2nd grade society, and a tribute to the Graduate all rolled into one. And if you've seen the film, the Graduate, one of my favorite films of all time, you'll remember the ending!
I think the anthology might be coming out sometime before the small press expo in september, but maybe a little later. So please support my art, and the other contribuors to WA666 by buying it from their website, or fine comic book stores in yr area. for more info: Wide Awake Press!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

American Tom-Foolery

So i bit the bullet and entered Oni Press's Talent Search. In the contest, in which the winner will get his or her winning entry posted online at their website, and a chance to pitch them yr idea to become a published comic/ series thingie. You were to work from an existing script on the website and I did this 5 page B/W comic on a Hunter S. Thompson style 3 day binge on Energy Drinks, Insomnia, and craziness. I'm proud of the outcome. I'm not expecting much to happen, or anything really, but it sure woud be sweet.
These two pages were my favorites.
Back to the Drawing Board,

Friday, August 05, 2005

Tummy Troubles

I'm hungry. time for lunch... grilled cheese samwich, here I come!!!
hey babe, let's do lunch sometime!

Go Go RoboDog, Go!!!

Robo-dog to the rescues y'all!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Who is the FartMonsta?

fartmonsta, originally uploaded by Joox1.

yet another comicy thing for yr enjoyment.
silly? yes.

Bon Appetit!

comic, originally uploaded by Joox1.

As promised, here's an early adventure in job hunting comic by yr's truly.
a lot of these are just "slices of life" style, for lack of a better catchphrase.
I feel that making these little comics are helping me grow as an artist/story teller. anyways, enjoy!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Keep their heads ringing!!!

celly, originally uploaded by Joox1.

Whatup y'all,
Fresh from California, and back in the saddle in Las Vegas for a few weeks to tweek a few finishing touches on the Jeauxland Website! (Which, by the way, you can click on my All My Heroes Banner to yr Left and It'll magically transport you to JeauxLand!)
While home, I found an old sketchbook of mine lying around my room! And as promised, you will get a lot more comics I've been doing lately... and a lot more doodles, drawrings, and character designs i can manage to squeeze in.
Just to keep you up to speed:
I rocked in my meeting with Sprite Animation, a cool Japanese CGI animation studio, and am 99.9% sure i have got a freelance gig doing character designs/ conceptual art for them! So we will see, and keep our fingers crosssed for that!
I finished up a 5 page comic submission for the Oni Press Talent Search, of which I'm not really expecting much to come out of it... but you never know! I ended up happy with the art I did for that one.
Currently, finishing up on another comic book adventure w/ possible publication (4 pages, full color! woo-hoo!) from a cool indy company out in South Carolina!
Also: almost done on the artwork and music for the Plankton Meets DJ HummingbirdFeeder album, tentatively titled," Highlights For Chillin'"
Things are picking up, and projects are starting to snowball in. I'm a happy camper.
Now if only, I can get a job!

Compooter Animation by Avi Tuchman based on art by JEAUX Janovsky!