Saturday, May 27, 2006

Snakes On A Plane Remix!

I can't wait for Snakes on A Plane! Snakes + Samuel L. Jackson + in the air on a plane= Awesome. The hype about this film is incredible, So naturally I had to jump on the bandwagon too and put my little spin on S.O.A.P!!!
With that, faithful reader, I give you... Gerbils on A Train!!! Next summer's hottest Sequel! I wanted to pick a fairly innocuous critter that wasn't as bad ass as a snake but could still pack a punch. Those little gnashing teeth, beady eyes, cuddly exterior... Gerbils creep me out.
My mentor at work, the Reverend Jody Hicks, has a great and catchy parody song based on Snakes on A Plane not to mention a great "Lost" parody song in which Locke professes his love to the Hatch!
For more information on Snakes on a Plane, click here.
I'm tired of these Goddamned Snakes,

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lost: Drawn Claire Littleton

It's been a weird couple of days for me. weird in a good way. great way actually. Those of you who have been keeping tabs on my blog, know that I have been crazy busy right now. With work finishing up, helping my gf move and graduate, moving myself, freelance work pouring in, and juggling personal projects at home, it's not an easy task.
I ran myself down. I blame E3 and shake my fist at the germ warfare hidden deep within the convention center. But I digress, Maybe I've just been far too busy for my own good. I got sick. Somewhere along the lines I caught a bad strain of the Black Plague. I'll spare you the details of Phlegmsville USA kids! We got bigger fish to fry.
I had to skip out on work for the past 2 days and rest and do what most other peeps do when they don't have insurance. Go to yr friendly neighborhood pharmacist and ask them what you should take to get better over the counter. it's cheaper than a doctor's visit and sometime's the pharmacist knows more about what you are putting inside you than the doctor. Naturally, I feel like sh*t when I miss work. But happiness that day, as I was coughing and hacking up lung meat, came to me in the form of an email waiting for me in my nerdy AOL inbox. My pal Steve did the kind gesture of alerting me to the fact that My Lost: Drawn caricatures were made the subject of a "social" Animation News Podcast on Toonfuse dot com. Totally making my day, and thus prompting me to get my ass in gear and give you: Claire "Venus" Littleton.

For the record, I take pride in the fact that I am Toonfuse's first highest rated post. 16 points thus far!

As for the podcast dear reader, click on Podcast in the upper right hand corner under the Toonfuse logo. I am the first story on episode 4. If that doesn't work, make sure to check ITunes's Podcast directory, it should be available to download, and free to boot!

the funniest bit is where they mispronounce my name.
"Jon, is it pronounced Jon? what is that German?"
(Special thanx shout out goes out to Eleanor and Victoria for helping me color that shell special cool like. it's appreciated girls.)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Wrath of the Hornicorn

This here little dude, is the Hornicorn. He is my little baby, modeled after my image. I gave birth to him last year and he was featured in my last year senior film, Jeaux's Excellent Quantum Adventure Leap To the Future. The Hornicorn is not only a fully functioning Magical Unicorn, but he is also a fully functioning Time Traveling Facility. Right under his Pancreas.
I posted about him BEFORE.
Here is a random comic for y'all. I started thinking of random scenarios/loglines and will be attempting to do a small comic based on it, weekly.
I believe this one happened to be "A group of Puppeteers are trapped inside a laundromat and befriend an alligator."
Sorry no Lost Caricatures this week, but them's the breaks, I've been fairly busy with loads of crap. Throw moving, helping out the GF with graduating, a bit of freelance, and trying to finish up Pitchboards into the's crazy bee. dag yo.
Enjoy the Comic.

Anyone out there care to come up with a title for this?
Yea, you. I'm looking at you!!!
Peas out,
Hornicorn, the term and image, is Copywrote and trademarkeded by Jeaux Janovsky 2 zero zero 6. So Step Off b*tches.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Lost: Drawn BOONE RIP :(

Boone Carlyle.
You were a good man and step brother/lover thing. I'm sorry you hit your head and got crushed by a plane filled with heroin hidden in virgen mary statues. I am also sorry that you only lived for only 20 episodes.
for those of you who have not seen Lost season one yet... Sorry. I guess I'm the bad guy now.
I apologize in advance for the spoilers.
Hope you dig the pic.

Lost Drawn: Michael Dawson

Here's Walt's Father Michael. He was a really fun character to draw. I kinda gave him Michael Keaton style eyebrows.
i'm really tired. Leaving vegas at 2am and having work at nine am doesn't mix. don't try it at home kids.
Thanks for the responses, encouragement, blurbs, talking about it, getting yr pals to check em out, posting on Lost forums etc. on these here Lost Caricatures.
It means alot y'all. Keep them comments coming.
Special Thanks goes out to Stephen Levinson for bragging on ToonFuse and for unintentionally coming up with the title for these Lost Drawings. Lost: Drawn.
Thanks Buddy.
Keep on keeping on,

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Rose for a Wounded Yeti

Back atcha with another Lost rendition. I've gotten a lot of requests to do certain characters lately, but opted for Rose. She was one of my favorite quieter characters on the show. Her character actually made me tear up a bit. She had lost her husband, and there may still be hope for his return. Like I said, Please don't send me any spoilers or answers... as I still maintain that I have not seen season 2 yet at all.
I guess I like Rose's character because she reminds me of my mother. In looks and spirit I guess. Her presence.
This weekend, my family got a great big scare from my father. I don't want to divulge too much info, but i'll just say he spent the weekend in the hospital and had an operation this Monday where they put in a pacemaker. He is doing much better now, and is back at home with my mother and brother. Thank you for those of you who had him in yr thoughts and prayers, and if you could still continue to do the same.
He needs his rest and strength for his new cyborg heart!

This here is a comic, I guess if you can call it that...that I started in my sketchbook at home a few days ago. It's 1/2 hand colored and 1/2 photoshopped up.
I really like the Yeti design.
I feel kind of weird right now. like i'm at some weird stand still in life.
Maybe, it's the fact, time felt like it stopped this weekend with my dad and all.
Or maybe, it's the fact my tenure at Disney will be up quite soon.
Maybe it's the fact I'm staying up way too late for my own good on too many energy drinks working on new portfolios.
maybe I just need some rest.
I need a nice, ice, cold beer tonite.
yea. rest and a nice cold beer.
see you again soon.
thanks for stopping by...

Compooter Animation by Avi Tuchman based on art by JEAUX Janovsky!