Thursday, August 11, 2011

Original Cartoon Heroes Sketch Dump

Hey Gang!
Here's a big ol' OCH Sketch Dump!

Originally Posted on LunchBreak on Aug. 3rd, 2011

Here's a hint: He's a clown! Eagle-eyed Lunchbreak reader, Erin Spross wrote in at the Lunchbreak Comments section w/ the correct answer! It's Fleischer Studios' Koko the Clown! She'll be receiving a few of my mini-comics in the mail as a teeny, tiny prize, along w/ internet bragging rights! Thanks Erin! Check out Erin's Tumblr, her art is pretty cool!

Originally Posted on LunchBreak on Aug. 8th, 2011

Originally Posted on LunchBreak on Aug. 10th, 2011

Here's a couple Joe Barbera studies. The purple pencil sketch one is my least favorite. At first I was hesitant to put it up, but I figured I would try to lose my anxiety about putting up art that doesn't quite hit the mark for me and at the same time, share some of my process w/ you guys and gals.
I felt I was beginning to grasp Joe, as the 2nd Joe Study can attest to. I went w/ the Joe on the bottom right for my final, and the final came out pretty great!
Fred really seemed to like it too!

Originally Posted on LunchBreak on Aug. 11th, 2011

Here's my sketch studies of Bill Hanna & pals! Bill is pretty fun to draw and is such a character, himself! I've been reading his book, A Cast of Friends, and so far it's been a sincere pleasure to read!
I did the column sketchbook drawings of Bill (in tux and a goofy younger Bill) while waiting for Ava while she was running an errand at a tailor's place in my sketchbook. I like how those came out a bunch.
It's been a hectic week w/ lots of weirdness scattered about, so please bear w/ me.
During the next few days I plan on dedicating a blog post to my mentor & hero during my time at Calarts, the great Corny Cole, who passed away this Monday. I have a ton of original scans of his work I'd love to post up for people to see. RIP to my hero Corny Cole. "Draw Dammit!"
I'm also planning on posting up a few "rejected" Original Cartoon Heroes Chuck Jones pieces I did that Fred was just not feeling. And for the best too! Fred really knows his stuff, and what works!
Believe it!
Look for those in the next few days, here or on's Lunchbreak.
And just another friendly neighborhood reminder that I am always on the lookout for some freelance! Nothing is too big or small for me, so don't be afraid to ask. I am available for freelance of any artistic sort.

Illustration, Comics, Animation, character design, storyboards, comedy writing, etc.

If you are, or if you know of anyone, looking for any one of those things that need to be filled, send them, or yourself, my way. My info is over on the left hand side-bar, in the splendid Jeaux Janovsky Links section!

Thanks all!

BTW, I started a new Twitter account, "Follow the FIN" of Film Shark, America's greatest Film Review Critic!

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