Thursday, September 29, 2005

This is what happens when I play too many Video Games.

hey y'all,
meet King Tomatoe Ketchup Brain! (is that really what i named him? jeezus! what's wrong with me?) anyhows, i've been playing way too many video games with the xbox my girlfriend cristina loaned my roomies and i. My buddy lee souped up the ol xbox and transformed it with the aid of ancient magic into the XBOX Media Center! and man... it is truly bad-ass. I've been playing ninja gaiden, old skool streetfighter, every super mario game imaginable... and have also been getting my fill of equally terrible games as well: back to the future 2 and 3, some cracked out pink panther game, and honorable mention goes to: Mr.Nutz.
terrible terrible soul stealing stuff kids.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

peter is joining the pirates!

all my heroes have day-jobs. this was originally supposed to be my close to everyday adventure comic about a lone animator trying to find an animation job, and his daily mundane adventures doing so. I got close to doing it a couple times, but mostly this just ended up as a special feature showcase of sketchbook drawings, character designs, and other comic book ideas. I feel like i am submitting to defeat and joining the ranks of most of all my influences and heroes alike. I, Jeaux, am acquiring a job. of the minimum wage variety. Yes folks, I have a job interview with non other than Borders, the magical corporate bookstore chain. I hope I do well on the interview so i can begin paying my rent and various bills and oncoming tuition debt. welcome to real life boys and girls. But fear not! there are tiny glimmers of hope on the horizon. these things take time i guess, and i gotta pay my dues first. I'm not giving up.
i'm trying to catch up with various projects, finishing up on my 2nd pitchboard to nickelodeon, waiting up on a freelance character design/ conceptual artist gig, and still drawing my heart out. Thanks to those of you who are standing behind me 110%, i owe you all a few hugs, a few beers, and a few drawings. you are all truly golden.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Green Tea Slave

as promised to you, my ever faithful solitary One Reader, is Numero Dos in the Stream O' Conciousness Driven saga of little Squiggy Squigsworth. I've been drinking massive amounts of green tea, to try and combat the black plague that has taken up residence within my jeauxlike Vessel. These horrendous color choices my friends, are what happens when I do that... well that and the fact that i have like a peanut sized bladder, so i gotta peepee like every 15 minutes, but still!
Part three, sometime in the near future... at least once i get better, finish unpacking my room, and finish up on my revised pitchboard for Nickelodeon. Oh yea, and find a job too... so it might take a while til we see squiggy again.
How's that for a cliffhanger?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The 'Tussin', The 'Tussin'!!!!

While I was "spanning time" in V-towne last week, I spent most of my time developing some storyboards for a sneaker contest i'm entering. when I got bored of doing that, i started work on this weird little octopus feller named squiggy. The way i have been working lately folks, comics-wise, is complete stream of consciousness. kinda unaware of where or how the story is going to end up... letting the characters guide me. Perhaps it was my subconciousness dealing with moving into a new place and new surroundings this week, etc.
maybe i kinda feel like a fish outta water right now, or in this case an octopus.
I have a terrible cold now, so naturally i've been sipping on "Texas Tea", commonly known to cold sufferers everywhere as Robotussin. So excuse the tweeked out color choices. plus i'm legally colorblind, so give me a break.
Page two coming tomorrow.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

random dizz-oodle

here's a random doodle. i like the look on their faces. vacant. nobody home.
mebbe i'll try ringing the doorbell...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Back to tha future

sorry i haven't been updating ye olde blog as of late peeps... but i have been stranded, not by choice, in Valencia-Ville due to cristina's car being all nutso. it ain't that bad. I get to hang out at calarts, and attend classes i'm not officially in, abuse the libraries and computer labs, and watch movies in either the bijou or film library. not a bad deal. I've also been working on a 24 second animated film piece for a contest that a certain sneaker company is promoting right now...
i'll have it finished by saturday i bet.
if not i can always climb into my hot air baloon time machine and go baaack in tee-yigh-yime!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

the exciting kind of conclusion of Amination Skool and what it done taughted me.

here it is friends, the exciting sort of conclusion of Amination Skool and what it done did got taughted to me. to be continued at some point!

Amination skool and what i done did got taughted learned thurr: Vol. 1

going through the jeaux archives in the vault deep in the Jeaux-Cave, underneath my lavish jeaux Manor Mansion... i found this old comic i done did a while back when i was all up in Calarts' amination school's grill. it's silly. interesting factoid:the unicorn/hornicorn actually made an appearance in my last year film.
on the home front: i found a place in the glendale area. it's a 3 bedroom mansion apartment, well the outside is misleading and it tricks you by making you think it looks rundown... looks can be deceiving and never judge a book by it's cover... inside the apartment, however, it's huge and spacious. with new tile, cabinets, plus the landlord is cool too. he's sort of like a grandfatherly gepetto kind of a man.
my roomies are both from calarts as well: brendan is in his final year in experimental animation, and lee just graduated with an mfa in the music school.
interesting factoid #2: lee made the music for my infamous 3rd year film, the adventures of Lil' 2pac.

yo, i'm out. peace.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

i fell off the boat. sorry...

sorry y'all. I've been heller busy bee kung fu style with all sorts of stuff. (i.e.- looking for a place to live, anyone know of any 3 bdr apt's in burbank or glendale?, working on various pitches to various cartoon making companies, helping my gf move into her dorm room...)
needless to say, i have been dropping the ball. ugh. but hey, i dug thru the jeaux archives and found this little comic gem. Patrick Reed, my worldwidePosse brutha, this one goes out to you yo!
peace out.

Compooter Animation by Avi Tuchman based on art by JEAUX Janovsky!