Sunday, October 30, 2005

Where it's @!!!: robo dawgs and alien vikings!

i've been working on some designs for a pitch i'm offering up to a fairly big company which involve alien vikings and robo-doggies. and in doing my research i've discovered the I-Dog! holy sheeit, those designs are amazing!!! me want one! I will accept them for either christmas or birthday gifts!
anyhow, enjoy but don't touch!!!

Meet Olandria Octopus.

Howdy yizz'all,
This is Olandria Octopus! Beautiful, Mysterious, Shy, Creature of the Deep. I'm working on telling her tale and hoping to get it published in some form or another as a children's book.
Olandria is a shy, quiet and sensitive Octopus girl who is teased by her "school of fish" classmates. When they do that, she usually gets all embarrased and hides away in her poof of murky, dark ink.
Eventually, she learns that she is able to paint beautiful images with her ink as opposed to hiding away in it.
In the Original ending I had her almost kill her school teacher, Headmistress Eel, and then travel down deep into the darkest bottom of the sea, where Olandria hides in a cave and grows old, painting only beautiful and haunting images of the glowing mutant fish she befriends while down there.
Buuut, I decided that was a little too depressoh, and not really suitable for kids. So, now it ends on a happier note! ;)
Okay I go now...

P.S.-Waaay Early Picture of Olandria. Back in my Tagging days. Man, I miss art school!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Portfolio Madness a go go!!!

Yup. You asked for it. After all the emails I received requesting i put up a few sample portfolio pieces here on ALL MY HEROES, plus not to mention throwing in a few unseen sketchbook pages... I'm finally doing it! Enjoy!!!

how can you resist a napping monkey? especially when they dream of banannas? mmmm... :)

here's some concept sketches for a character of mine named Puto, short for Putolomew. Puto likes cookies and snails.

YUP. Bigfoot and Masculine Duck. 2 of my favorite characters inhabiting my head. I feel a little like Joel Schumakker, the nitwitted director who put bat-nipples on the bat-suit. stare closely at bigfoot's chest... if you dare!

I have a theory that Jim Henson's beard was secretly a Muppet. If i ever do end up finishing this film idea, it would be The Jim Henson Story, as told by his Beard. Beards are funny.

My girlfriend's Auntie Junko from Japan, really liked this picture of the kitty and his IPhonograph. And as we all know, Japanese people are light years beyond America when it comes to cool things! Then she said I looked like Tezuka Osamu because I was always drawing in my sketchbook and wore silly glasses like he did. I took it as a compliment. ;)

robots are kick ass.

another favorite character of mine, the villainous evil pottytrained housecat with a world domination complex: Sgt. Baron Von Muffles!!!

i think the little boy is stinky. aren't all boys anyhow?

what are we? FUN!!! this is a drawing i did while working with Mattel a few years ago. fun fun!
and now on to some recent sketchbook fun! this is from my summer sketchbook... Infinity + Shipping and Handling: a sketchbook series by Jeaux.

If you have been following All My Heroes closely, you'll remember the comic book idea about Oona the time-traveling Monkey Girl and HIPHOP, her bunny mechanic sidekick pal. In December, i'll be submitting the Oona storyline to TokyoPop manga comics for possible publication! This is an early concept sketch of her before i thought of her as monkey.

windy day girl.

i dunno about this... i think i was tapping into some weird "acne-ridden, 15 year old, heavy metal listening, role-playing, video gaming" part of my psyche.

i think i was feeling all emotastically sad the day i made this... :(

here's an unfinished comic i started based on my girlfriend's little cute niece Mia Chan. It was to be all about the day and nite we spent babysitting her. We swam and watched cartoons from the Las Vegas Library, she ended up crying for her mommy and daddy in the nitetime...when you're three years old and mommy and daddy are gone, your whoooole world gets destroyed! so the only way to get her to tucker herself out is to drive her around at nite, but she wanted to bring her two puppies with her... a little weiner dog and a poodle. the puppies were sooo annoying, and the little weiner dog peepee'ed in the backseat. all this crazy nonsense while listening to Mexican Mariachi music playing in the background!!! (mia picked it.)

aaaaand finally, the END. this was the final page in my sketchbook. Bringing it all back full circle. Except this time it's Oona in her current incarnation. yessir. bedeebedeebedee, that's all folks.

Monday, October 10, 2005

riding the rails.

there's this great section on hoboes in the used bookstore where i work. when i start making enuf $$$ i plan on buying a few of them.
i've been wanting to make an art piece based on bindle-sticks.
(Bindle stick - A walking stick, used by hobos, sometimes hand carved, and used to carry a bindle. The stick is also used to clear paths through dense brush or for protection. Oftentimes it is autographed as hobos meet one another during their travels.)
designer brand bindle-sticks. Versace, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Paul Frank, etc. I just thought that would be funny. For awhile, I was also toying with the notion of wandering and becoming an Executive Hobo. Tho' not Hobo in the typical sense... But one who travels by way of first class flights in posh trendy airlines, stays in uppercrust and equally posh hotels in sweet executive suites, working on animation/illustration freelance projects and films on the road, and receiving the occasional paycheck every once in awhile. the only thing really hobo of me would be if i had enough courage to cook beanie-weenies out in the parking lot of said grand hotels.
ah, dreams...
maybe someday eh?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fishbowl Bot 2002! Represent!!!

i'm getting closer to finishing up on the revised pitchboards to my Fishbowl bot idea for nickelodeon. the picture i drew at the top was from 2002! daaaamn... it feels good to be putting that idea to good use finally! My photoshoppe skillz are still the same however... hmm.
despite that, i feel like i've grown in the design department and as an artist/storyteller/creator since than. I'm by far, much happier with the newer design:

aaaaaand finally here's a sneak peek at some WAY EARLY character designs i did as watercolor studies of the two characters in the short, Nelson Squirm and Ralph the Goldfish:

if you feel like this is something you'd like to see on the smallscreen, hit up Eric Homan's Frederator/Nickelodeon Blog TALK TO THE SNAIL (which you can reach by clicky clicking on his namey there) and feel free to drop em a line or two about yr's truly!
(Scroll down to the entry entitled,"It's not the idea, it's the execution" and you'll see i am mentioned at the end.)
who knows maybe it'll help my chances? and if by some insane reason it does somehow land on teevee, just know that you helped make it happen too!
One Love.
for real.

Compooter Animation by Avi Tuchman based on art by JEAUX Janovsky!