Friday, July 28, 2006


The kind of tired, fit for a sofa king. I am past the point of delirious boys and girls. spent an allniter working on 3 simultaneous art projects. Not only have I been painting away for Peg Leg Orphanage, but I have also been painting for a group show I am participating in called the Radiator Show.
It's going to be on an actual used Radiator, and the gallery is actually in a Radiator Repair shop. My piece in this show is going to be everyone's friend til the end:

It'sa Mario!!!
everyone's favorite pizza chomping, mushroom squishing, dragon dinosaur killing plumber buddy.
i'm in jibberish mode kids, hope you can keep up with this nonsense.
So I got an email from my good friend Liz O., editor in Chief of The Rockit. Reminding me I had a comic strip called, Animal Sounds, and that the next Episode was gonna be due, like Now-ish. So I strapped on my red bull cans to my feet, shook em, and flew up and away into the creative abyss headlong into danger will robinson territory. I finished a comic strip in about roughly 12 hours. not bad. Everything, the whole shabang, pencils to inks to scanning to photoshop to indesign and everything. Red bull and sushi can be your friends should you let them.
Needless to say, I am proud of this newest episode, coming soon, but i want to leave you with a teaser for it.

It's my favorite panel in the whole strip thus far. I just love Manda's little wrist-watch.
so dick tracy!
i can't wait to look like Pedro there, so peaceful, angelic, loud and snorey. mmm, sleep of the ages. mummy sleep, catacomb sleep. i just need a pillow.
thanks for bearing with me on this little sleep deprived entry!
you are brave true believers!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hostile World Takeover!

Exciting News Tid-bit1:
Animal Sounds Episode:1 OUT NOW!!!
Those of you who happen to live in the L.A. area can pick up a copy of THE ROCKIT at most local record stores, coffee shops, clubs and, I believe, Guitar Center and Sam Ash. There should be copies at the Troubadour also. If you're outside of L.A., you can always read it online @
Look for, In Other News: Cartoons-Animal Sounds, towards the bottom righthand side.
The type is a tad hard to read, but it should get better once I get the hang of it with more Episodes under my belt. It should look better in person, plus I heard the internet makes you look smaller than in real life n-e-wayz.
Exciting News Tid-bit 2:
The Totally Cool Folks over at Team Frederator have OFFICIALLY invited me to Professionally Blog for them. As it so happens, they are fans of All My Heroes Have Day-Jobs and want me to do my Internet "Thang" over there! As a fan myself, of Team Fred and their incredible list of animation home runs, it's thrilling and plain f*cking Awesome to be amongst such a dream team of Animation's Heavy-Hitters (both past and current). To keep with my "Office Surroundings Theme" (Day-Jobs, cubicles, etc.), I aptly named the title for the Fred Blog: Lunch Break. Needless to say, I am having a blast. Feel free to check out Lunch Break over at the Nickelodeon/Frederator Website:
I Want A Lunch Break!
You can also peep a nice, warm Welcome for me from Frederator's own Melissa Wolfe: Melissa's Nice, Warm Welcome
Thanks Team Fred! I am Very proud to be Aboard.

Oh My! Look at that! All this time writing, and not an artwork Posting in sight! Well, let's change that, Shall we?

That's better.
Nothing like a little Alien Takeover to start your week...

Monday, July 10, 2006

I'm Jiggier than Jaws, Spongier than Bob, and Littler than the Mermaid, ain't that sh*t odd?!?

Thank you to all of you who hooked me up with some vital jobby job info, it's appreciated. Got some good leads.
I've been busy and working on my first solo art show in Vegas for this August. It's going to be at a gallery/antique shop called the FunkHouse headed by Cindy Funkhouser.
The show is titled, Peg-Leg Orphanage and will involve adopting genetically engineered Pirate Babies.
If that doesn't make you want to come out for some Fear and Roasting in Las Vegas, I don't know what will...
I'm having a blast, not only with the concept, but painting as well! it's the first time i've picked up a brush and paint in a looong while. More info on the show, and usual bombardment of e-invites, nearer to the opening.
Animal Sounds will be making it's debut appearance in an all music magazine called, The Rockit. And judging from what both Violet and the editor of Rockit have told me, so far everyone there LOVES the strip. The thing that makes me real nervous, is the fact that there are: 360,000 ANNUAL Readers, 30,000 MONTHLY Readers, 10,000 Circulation and OVER 200 LOCATIONS IN LOS ANGELES AREA carrying it. I hope they all like it too.
I'm not gonna post the final product on All My Heroes, sorry, but yr gonna have to search it out. or email me, if you would like me to mail you a copy or 2. I'm totally stoked and happy and quite nervous about Animal Sounds.
Speaking of music, I make some from time to time. Not too shabby, but not too good either. It's fun. My musical Alter-ego's name is Plankton. You can peep it here. This was going to be my music page image on my website, JeauxLand, but I think now i'm just going to link my Myspace page to JL. Let me know what y'all think!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Got Job?

A couple of days ago, I sent out a bulletin asking friends within various industries to aid me in my job search. Now, I'm rallying the troops online who frequent All My Heroes and asking the same.
Here's what I mailed out:
Hello! I am currently Job Hunting and on the prowl. If you would please do me the favor and put out some feelers and yr ears to the ground and scoop up some information for me...
If there are any TV animation shows or Feature animation films crewing up, and if they are in need of concept artists or character designers, storyboard people let me know.
Same things go for Video Game production companies... let me know.
Producers, if I can pitch to you, I will. I have tons of ideas waiting to come to life. Children's books, shorts, film ideas, scripts, show concepts, etc.
Comic book fans and pros, if you know of any publishers out there willing to give a new guy a chance in an anthology or even a crack at his own title, please let them know I am out here.

Just putting the word out.

Any tip, lead, name, number, info will be severely appreciated.
Thank you so very much in advance.

Compooter Animation by Avi Tuchman based on art by JEAUX Janovsky!