Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Update of Sorts

I've been a busy bee. Neglectful of this poor little blog. So, I've decided to dust it off, and make a new entry letting you all know what I've been up to as of late.
My major passion projects for 2013 are both in the realm of comics. Los Animales is in the webcomic arena, and Epilogue is in the traditional comic book arena. I'm super excited for both, and have been working super hard on them. Simultaneously.
Los Animales is a new webcomic about Music, Animals, and Broken Hearts. Basically, it's a soap opera type comic about hipster animals who (hardly) work at a record store, called Animal Sounds!
I co-created Los Animales with my friend Liz Ohanesian, who I've known since we were both 15 in highschool. Yes, really! I'm honored to be working alongside her, and couldn't ask for a better collaborator. She's a super talented writer, DJ, and I love her snarky sense of humor. Must be a “Valley” thing.

We recently completed Los Animales' debut chapter: Fours on the Floor, which you can now read in it's furcovered entirety! Chapter 1 clocked in at about 50 pages. I am insanely proud of the work I've been doing on Los Animales, and I really feel it shows. For a brand new webcomic on the block by a couple of n00bs like us, we've gotten some fairly good press and interviews. MTV Geek, Defective Geeks, Geeksmash, IANYAN mag, Drawn, etc. Our brand new webcomic can't even crawl yet, so thank you everyone for your support! It truly means a lot. :)
We also just soft launched Los Animales Chapter 2: NADARAVE! Here's the cover for it. We were going for a post-apocalyptic feel for the cover. What is Nadarave? We're about 8 pages into their tale if you wanna find out. Click here to read: NADARAVE

Speaking of things of a Post-apocalyptic nature, that brings me to Epilogue. Epilogue is a project I'm working on with my good friend, Daniel Levitch. Daniel has his own comic company, Ancient Squid Media and is no stranger to the comics industry. He's also director of Swine, a post-apocalyptic series of shorts with a steampunk aesthetic. He's currently working on turning Swine into a feature length film, and I couldn't be more excited for him!

The most I'm gonna say about Epilogue is that it's a 22 page comic about post-apocalyptic roaches. Daniel is a very talented writer, director, storyteller in whichever media he chooses. I'm very thrilled to be working on this project with him, and we're planning on debuting it at San Diego Comic-con 2013! I know it's gonna get a lot of attention, as it's a unique idea that truly deserves it. Here's what I can show you, a character lineup of some of the main characters in Epilogue. They'd make rad toys!

The comic is actually going to be a Prologue to Epilogue! A perfect introduction to the tale. Thanks for bringing me along for the ride, Daniel!

Combine all this w/ freelance work, and you'll figure out that I'm feeling like a bit of a madman right now. On the freelancery front, I'm currently a design consultant on a “top secret” project for Topps, the card company. I couldn't be prouder of the work I've been doing for them, and word is around the office their brand guys and high-ups dig my stuff! I've also been doing a bit of occasional word processing and graphic design work for a company called Inspector Playground. They inspect and check the safety of children playgrounds. I also designed their logo.

There are other freelance projects weaving their way into my life, brain, and hands soon, but I'll tell you about those when they come closer to materializing. That said, I am always on the lookout for freelance work. Get in touch with me if you, or someone you know is looking for someone like me for a freelance gig. I'd appreciate it.
Crazily yours,

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