Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Belated Merry Holidays

Hi everyone!
I've been a-meaning to scan this badboy drawing and color it all spiffy like, before xmas... but didn't really have time to til recently. so here you all are. I hope everyone had a swell holiday, or two...and will have a better new year. I know i for one, am looking forward to 2006. I'm gonna be scanning a bunch of stuff before starting my internship w/ Disney's Buena Vista Games. I can't wait. It's like I got my present all ready, and I know what it is, but can't open it yet to play with it.
So be on the lookout for lots more posts and drawings/comix, etc!
i'm out like sulu,

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Olden Days Pass Away

i've been feeling old lately. like an old man. with grey hair, wrinkles, age spots, arthiritis, a cane and old man mr. roger sweaters. borders, for the meantime, has been wearing me down, and i'm always tired these days. i've been debating, whether or not, to put in my full 2 week notice of leaving for good, or if i should stick around and work during the weekends for insurance reasons. any thoughts from anyone out there?
I mean, don't get me wrong... I am "hell of" (the proper way to say HELLA) excited to be a part of the BVG internship, but that will last for six months, if I am lucky. and that will be without insurance. I dunno.
Lately, I have also been missing school, and the little protective bubble that was calarts. I miss my friends there. I miss the people I could have been friends with, or spent more time getting to know. i miss making films/experiments, etc.
I miss the teachers. Especially Corny and Frank.
I feel old.
You know those days when yr bones ache and yr hair even hurts? It feels like one of those days.
maybe i am just getting sick.
anyhow, this is a drawing i did of a cool old man character. I might want to make a short story about him. like what is he reaching out for? My drawings make me curious sometimes, and I like imagining stories for them... Some reason, it has to do with seafaring and mermaid ghosts.
i have been helping Cristina, my gf, with her scholarship film piece for sesame street workshop for the past few days. coloring animation, and helping out with timing and whatnot.
maybe that's what is making me feel all nostalgic and ancient.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

On the UP and UP!

Hey gang,
I shaved my beard! Why you ask? Well, dear readers, Yours Truly has been fortunate enough to receive an invitation to join up creative forces with BVG's ThinkTank Internship!!! Yeah Boy!!! Video Games, here I come!!!
My pitch meeting with Frederator/Nickelodeon went very well for a first "proper" pitch meeting. Turns out I gotta mess around and tinker with the nuts and bolts under the hood of the story. I acheived my goal, however! I will be meeting with them for a 2nd "big" pitch meeting, or rather, they invited me to come back! Which is a great sign. It was an honor meeting Larry Huber. That man's "Funny Story" button is constantly on. I got great advice from him, Eric Homan, and Melissa Wolf. I can't wait to go back!
Things are on the UP and UP folks.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Clarence Incarna

here's a little something ripped out from one of my old sketchbooks. this seemingly cautionary children's yarn tale was written by one of my good friends Max Fenton. on the spot. right then and there. i was hanging out, summer vacation, in san francisco for a few days... and we started making "on the spot" little weird comix.
what i didn't finish, however, was this particular tale. although it can almost end there and work.
here's the rest of the story...
" The men who arrived in jackets and ties saw Clarence was totally nude. They laughed and they scolded then shot a few rolls and chided, "you're totally RUDE!" Clarence he blushed, and out the room rushed and chopped off his hands with a knife. His arms were a red, Clarence was dead, and just as his mother had said... His suit was laid out on the bed."
thanks max! hope to see you sometime soon.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

dedicated to the monkey on my back.

nick/fred pitch meeting got pushed up to the 16th of december. been working hard on that.
borders is hell man. war-like. the rebellion is retreating. i have no more grenades left and my ammo and spam rations are wearing thin.
i can't do it anymore coach is replaying in my head like a broken record, skipping.
real life dot com is kicking my ass boys and girls.
something has to break soon. something has to break.
i have decided to start a new goal, cause goals are good and healthy for you.
i am not cutting my hair or beard until something in animation happens.
i am two steps away from looking like a homeless guy.
anyone know of any leads or publishing joints looking for an artist?

Compooter Animation by Avi Tuchman based on art by JEAUX Janovsky!