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GEAUX Fund Me: Posts 2 & 3

Friday, May 16th 2014 & Saturday, May 17th 2014
Friday & Saturday were spent gathering more supplies and designing a few things for the party.

Here's a look at the Page template I used to do my caricatures on, followed by my artist signage.
I had the artist signage laminated at Fedex/Kinko's as well as printed out my blank pages there too. Did you know you could self laminate there now? Crazy, I know! Whoa!!! I'll slow down now! ;)

Saturday, I went to the bank to get change for the party since I would be selling the caricature drawings.

Sunday, May 18th 2014
Woke up early with a nervous butterfly excitement, partly because I was going to be going to the party with a friend I hadn't seen since my high school days. It was wonderful catching up with her at the party, and fitting because all the music played was music that was big when we were in school together. It honestly felt like no time had passed between us at all! Time can be magical sometimes...

Thankfully, all my art supplies and such fit into my backpack, which made for nice transport and set up. Tanya, was my wonderful Mia Wallace (of Pulp Fiction) assistant, and did an amazing job working the crowd, wrangling people, and $ while I did the creative stuff. We make a great team, and she said she'd be happy to help me out with other caricature events in the future. I can think of no one better to tag team with! Thanks Tanya!
Tanya as Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. Photo by Liz Ohanesian
The crowd was about 20 some people. But once things started picking up, they really picked up!!! I had a pretty consistent line for about 2 hours or so. I was able to do about 4-5 people which is pretty good for that crowd. When things were slow in the beginning, Tanya modeled for me! I know... I'm a lucky duck! Here are a few of my warm-up drawings of her.
Tanya as Mia Wallace! Photo by Tanya Telford

Tanya as Mia Wallace! I love the markers here! Photo by Tanya Telford
My first cosplay caricature was Drew as Vincent Vega (of Pulp Fiction), Tanya's Mia Wallace cosplay counterpart! He was very nice, and even had a great set of props with him! Like a mysterious glowing briefcase, and even a book from the film! He had a great smile, and I asked him if he wanted to be happy in the pic or bad-ass. He said "Bad-Ass!" So I went with that!
Happy customer Drew with his Vincent Vega Cosplay Caricature!
Here are the 2 Pulp Fiction Cosplayers w/ their Caricatures!
Here's an action shot of me working on Drew's pic!
So many markers! Photo by Tanya Telford

My next customers were Kalisa as Marla Singer from Fight Club and her boyfriend Dustin, as Kenny Fisher, aka: Special K from Can't Hardly Wait!
Kalisa as Fight Club's Marla Singer w/ her Cosplay Caricature! 
Action shot of me drawing Kalisa as Marla! Photo by Liz Ohanesian

My drawing of Dustin as Special K! 
I used Pink around Dustin as sort of a nod to Kenny's Pink "Love scented candle" in the film! Can't Hardly Wait was one of my favorites!
Dustin striking his best Special K pose with his Cosplay Caricature
I really wish I could've grabbed a photo of Tony's Cornholio Cosplay Caricature I did! It came out really great and hilarious. I guess the best I can do for now, is put this up:
I also didn't think to get a picture of myself in cosplay. I went as John Connor from Terminator 2. Although, someone did think I was Kevin Smith... Has to be the beard. So this image will have to do until I get photographic evidence from Tanya's mom and Shannon, who was doing photos at Matinee too!

Overall, it was a great party. And it might become a monthly event! Thank you Liz and Diana for putting it together and for inviting me to be a part of it! I had a great, fantastic time! Also, special thanks to Tanya for assisting me and keeping me company! I hope it's the first time of many!

Liz thinks I should bring the Cosplay Caricature idea on the road to comic/anime conventions, and that it would be a big hit there as well! I think she's right, and will for sure look into it!

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