Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Reminisce with me Baby

I caved in and actually succumbed to the call of the Succubus that is Blogger and her wailing Siren Moans about me blogging up my horrendous, mortifying, embarrasing High school Quasi-Gothy Art. All stuff is Circa 1995-???ish.
Try not to laugh too hard jerks.

I liked Oingo Boingo alot, ALOT, during this time period. So much that I wanted to start a "ZINE" (remember those things?) dedicated to each one of their songs in an illustrated comic adaptation. I guess I was thinking each issue would be a song or two...

This was a character created by Hart D. Fisher. The character's name is PainGrin. I think Ichi the Killer came out a while after this was made. Not a bad film, nice and gory, but I think Hart's would've been way more intense. Not too sure if Hart ever really did anything with this character... It was fun to sketch in class.

I entered a contest in highschool where the artists were supposed to dupe a van gogh piece, and this was my entry. I don't think crayons, ink, and white-out made the cut however.... alas!

Back in those days, I idolized Tim Burton during my high school years. Loved his heroes as my own, had the messy, tousled hair and stripey B/W socks to match. I think Vincent Price died at about that time... and this was a lame high school art assignment. I'm actually watching Edward Scissorhands at this very moment. It just happened to randomly be on FOX Movie Channel tonite.

X-Files. My favorite show at about this time. It's weird, I caught a re-run of it today and it still holds up. Mulder and Scully would've made an odd couple. I can't imagine, well, yea I can, going out with Scully...She's soo.... Logical.

I'm Teenage Jeaux!!! Look at me!!! WAAHH!!! I'm a tortured Artist!!!! I like Aeon Flux and Graveyards!!!! WAAHH!!! I dress in black and listen to Sisters of Mercy!!!! I'm so sad!!! No one will ever recognize my talent!!! They will all pay!!! oh yes!!! they will!!!! WAAH!!! Poor teenage Jeaux. Silly little bastard.

This piece was used later in Hart Fisher's Second book of Poetry, Still Dead. It's still a great read. Check out his War Journal: Here.
Ah, youth. Sweet tortured Artist, "No one understands me" Youth.

My school notes and papers were all...like...this. Heroin? I was also listening to a lot of David Bowie, the Velvet Underground, reading lots of William S. Burroughs and watching Trainspotting. Boy, that was a good soundtrack.

I grew up watching lots of Horror films and reading horror comics as a kid. Faust was one of my favorite reads, and I did indeed force my mom to buy me a subscription to Fangoria for my B-day in the 6th Grade. This looks like Jason Vorhees.

yea. The Crow. Who didn't have a Crow phase? Please note, this was Vincent Perez from the Crow 2. Gosh, am I a Djork...

I was supposed to work on another of Hart Fisher's Creations Dark Angel. (again, this guy is ahead of his time. This was waay before the James Cameron TV show Dark Angel starring Jessica Alba) I never finished it cause I was young, dumb, and full of....Foolishness. Would've been cool.

Page 2 of unfinished Dark Angel Story

Here's another Dark Angel piece where I used myself as the model. Scary eh? I believe Hart published it as a pinup in a Dark Angel/ Bill the Bull team up book at some point.

A few weird renditions of Dark Angel concept art.

What's there to say about this? it's a cat in a human suit. RIP Ophelia.

This is more Junior College era, I just thought I would throw it in for fun.
This was Mini-comic character named Lemonade created by my pal Sean Smith and I. We only ever came out with one issue, but boy did that one issue slay dragons. Lemonade told the tale of everyone's favorite foul mouthed, pot smoking, 40oz guzzling, little bitch, aptly named Lemonade, and her pal the tall trenchcoated teenage drunkard Fropik, wherein our heroes kill lemonade's parents, steal their money, buy a bunch of booze and drugs, wreck havoc on a mall and pistolwhip a security guard's face into a bloody pulp. Oh yea, and Lemonade overdoses on heroin. But it's okay cause she lives.
A little Natural Born Killersish, but awesome... and cute.
So that's the end of my embarrasing High School Art tour. Hope you all had fun poking and laughing at me. I'm gonna go slit my wrists now. j/k!!!!

Compooter Animation by Avi Tuchman based on art by JEAUX Janovsky!