Saturday, April 28, 2007

Goodbye/Good Riddance/Farewell L.A.

Yup. It's official!!! I will now be a paid employee of the Triple N.
I'm leaving L.A. for N.Y.C, Monday the 30th. So, if any of you wanna hang out, maybe help me pack or something, give me some advice, whatevs... Call or email.
Blog you later terminator.
I less than 3 (<3) all of you,

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

In a Japanese Garden...

I have been reflecting on life and a lot of things lately, namely: friends, family, destinations, uncertainty, gambling, packing, fleeing, staying, going, leaving, goodbyes, good riddances, new things, fresh things, street corners, hot dogs, woody allen, manhattan, muppets, Animation, Art, Blogging, cartoons, shorts, reading, new starts, beginnings, bundling up, bindle sticks, hoboe life.
Things are really crazy right now, and I don't want to let the cat or various kitties out the bag right now...but things are really certifiably insane right now.

In the best of ways.

In the coolest of ways.

I can't go into too much detail right now, but all I can say is I'm moving. I'm packing up and moving on out into the great blue yonder. Leaving LA & Las Vegas and heading for parts unknown. undisclosed locations.
Okay... sheesh. I'll tell you. Stop staring at me like that! I'm moving to New York. I was offered a Job there, a great job. Probably the best job I will ever have, and maybe, ever will.
I will be a (sort of) young Manhattanite Professional working in the entertainment Industry smack dab in the middle of Manhattan, NYC.
I'm not naming the company yet, or who it's for, because I want to wait until I receive my Official Job Offer Letter and don't really want to jinx it. It's for an exciting team, and equally exciting, smart, and cool, very respected people. I am pleased and happy that they want me to be a part of them. I'm also scared, nervous, and very excited. Very excited.
I can't wait.
I've also been renting movies about New York. If anyone has any ones i'm forgetting, let me know in the comments section.
Or if anyone knows of anyone looking for a nice, talented, quiet artist types (my gf and I) for roomies, we are potty-trained and quite tidy. Let us know, please & Thanks in advance. ;)
New York related movies I have been renting:
New York Doll ( a great doc on the New York Dolls)
Sidewalks of New York (yawn. the guy who directed this wants to be woody Allen so bad. it's like Ben Affleck, joe pesci and Woody Allen had a baby, and this guy was the result. He's a dry director. Props for letting Rosario Dawson act in this. She's cute)
New York Minute (this is actually a fun little piece of cinema. the olsen twins at their finest. Dr.Drew acts in this. I think too many pervs rented it, so it skipped alot, we only got thru the first 5 minutes. Those bastards!)
The Warriors (great movie. awesome gangs. New York. I hope i don't have to join a gang like the clown gang in NYC.)
Donnie Brasco (not too shabby. Pacino + Depp. plus it's in New York. I guess that has to be the only criteria for choosing these films...)
Muppets take Manhattan (genius)
New york stories (so much hope for this one. Scorcese did a piece, Coppola (francis ford that is, although a 12 year old Sofia helped him write the thing), and Woody. Woody completely, single handedly saved this film. Scorcese's was okay. But man, Coppola's was ROUGH. It was like a watered down, made for Nickelodeon Kid's girl show. Ugh. Double Ugh. He should seriously just stick to gangsters and mafia types.)
Manhattan (I think we're just gonna stick to watching Woody Allen's early films for our NYC viewing pleasures. This was solid gold.)
That's it for right I said, if anyone can think up some, let me know....
I need to watch taxi driver and Gangs of New York again, to get some scorcese up in here.

Compooter Animation by Avi Tuchman based on art by JEAUX Janovsky!