Thursday, February 02, 2012

Freelance peek-a-boo!

Freelance has been pretty kind to me in 2012 (thus far), let's keep it that way! So let's take a look back at a couple of freelance projects I did in 2011!

Carmel Crawford's Mike Rochip!
Carmel Crawford is a writer from Ireland with an interesting property & character named, Mike Rochip! If you were to throw Tin-Tin, Iron Man, and Tron into a blender, then your smoothie of a cartoon would be Mike Rochip. It's got the right blend of action & comedy and I'm proud to have lent my services to it.
I worked with Richard Lewis & writer Stephen Sustarsic closely and was responsible for designing all the main characters as well as producing and laying out the Mike Rochip pitch packet. (*Interested producers & animation development execs: I can put you in touch w/ Carmel and can send you the Mike Rochip pitch packet if you'd like to see it! email me at jeauxj(at)gmail(dot)com!)
Mike Rochip started his life online as roving reporter, Mike Rofone! He looked very different in those days compared to my reboot designs! He was an actual Microphone!

From L to R: Amy, Indie, Mike Rofone, Harry Broadhead, Jason Ratz, Viper Virus!

From online, Carmel was then able to make the jump to publishing Mike Rofone as a children's book!


My new Mike Rochip Reboot lineup!

The new Viper Virus!

Here's the Mike Rochip storyboard animatic for "The Big Dumb Down" Pilot episode!

You can view other Mike Rochip fun stuff, HERE.
A couple words from Carmel:
"Well, what can I say? You are a very talented artist who worked in very well with the conceptualization of my ideas. I would recommend you to anyone who wants something different, 'off the wall' and fun."
I had such a blast working on this w/ Carmel, Richard, and Stephen! Here's hoping we'll see this on TV in the near future!
You can find Carmel on Twitter, and also Carmel Crawford was the creator of the Mike Rochip project and that as such, owns all copyrights.

Another fun freelance project I got to work on was for my friend's father, Jim Stein, and his Playground Safety Inspection company, Play Safe Inspection!
As a kid, I always loved going to playgrounds. But back then it was usually hot metal where you'd burn your hand or a hot metal slide where you'd burn your little tush. These days kids have the durable, heavy duty plastic playgrounds w/ that cool spongy, rubber floor! It's Jim's job to make sure all those items are safe and on the right levels for kids to truly enjoy themselves (and not get hurt!)

This logo image will be used for thumb drives Jim will give to his clients.

Jim is going to be using this image for his website banner and letterheads!

This image will be used for the Playground Association's magazine for Southern California!

Have a playground in your area, or want to look up safety tips? Visit Jim's page today!
Thanks Jim & Carmel! BTW, I am available for freelance, so please hook a brother up!
See the side-bar to get in touch, or the Jeaux Janovsky links for more info. ;)

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