Thursday, February 02, 2012

Photo Shoots!

Liz & I went to the mall to work on our Animal Sounds Webcomic. She wrote about it too.
Here are some pix from that excursion:

The Mall.

Zombie Apocalypse?

Yes. Yes, they do have a rave store. Photo by Liz O.

My buddy Daniel & I are working on a graphic novel together called, Epilogue. Here's our pix from our Epilogue photo shoot:

Leaving our mark.


"What's that they say about good intentions?"

I was recently interviewed by Kyle Maki.
Kyle's a producer for Time Warner Cable and he recently interviewed me at my Alma Mater, Calarts, for a pop culture segment that will air soon on TWC's on demand service. Keep your eyes peeled here for mo' info on that (and how to watch it) in the future!
Here are some behind the scenes pix:

Kyle setting up for the big stop motion scene!

The subject & the Sub-Level! Time Warner Cable Interview GO! Photo by Ava Alamshah

Behind the scenes candid shot! Photo by Ava Alamshah

Thanks Kyle, Daniel & Liz!

2012 is shaping up to be pretty f*cking rad, thus far! Keep it comin'!"

Stay Tooned,

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