Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hostile World Takeover!

Exciting News Tid-bit1:
Animal Sounds Episode:1 OUT NOW!!!
Those of you who happen to live in the L.A. area can pick up a copy of THE ROCKIT at most local record stores, coffee shops, clubs and, I believe, Guitar Center and Sam Ash. There should be copies at the Troubadour also. If you're outside of L.A., you can always read it online @
Look for, In Other News: Cartoons-Animal Sounds, towards the bottom righthand side.
The type is a tad hard to read, but it should get better once I get the hang of it with more Episodes under my belt. It should look better in person, plus I heard the internet makes you look smaller than in real life n-e-wayz.
Exciting News Tid-bit 2:
The Totally Cool Folks over at Team Frederator have OFFICIALLY invited me to Professionally Blog for them. As it so happens, they are fans of All My Heroes Have Day-Jobs and want me to do my Internet "Thang" over there! As a fan myself, of Team Fred and their incredible list of animation home runs, it's thrilling and plain f*cking Awesome to be amongst such a dream team of Animation's Heavy-Hitters (both past and current). To keep with my "Office Surroundings Theme" (Day-Jobs, cubicles, etc.), I aptly named the title for the Fred Blog: Lunch Break. Needless to say, I am having a blast. Feel free to check out Lunch Break over at the Nickelodeon/Frederator Website:
I Want A Lunch Break!
You can also peep a nice, warm Welcome for me from Frederator's own Melissa Wolfe: Melissa's Nice, Warm Welcome
Thanks Team Fred! I am Very proud to be Aboard.

Oh My! Look at that! All this time writing, and not an artwork Posting in sight! Well, let's change that, Shall we?

That's better.
Nothing like a little Alien Takeover to start your week...

Compooter Animation by Avi Tuchman based on art by JEAUX Janovsky!