Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Coming Soon! WA666!!!

Rolling atchoo like a Katamari Ball!!!

A while back, I was lucky enough to be invited to be part of a sweet ass Mini-Comic Anthology called Wide Awake 666 put out by the nice and awesome Wide Awake Press. To backtrack, click HERE.
Well, now it's officially Official!
Ladiez and Gentlemenz, I present to you...

This October you’re in for a real treat! Prepare to savor every gooey drop of this deranged collection of drawings, comics and stories from some of your favorite indie artists alongside some fresh new talent. Wide Awake 666 is a horror-inspired comic anthology sure to chill you to the bone (well, maybe the funny bone).

Full Color, 112 pages
5” x 8” Perfect Bound
$9.95 US funds
ISBN 0-9749266-9-8
"Not for Kids!"
From 3 Boys Productions
and Wide Awake Press

Contributors: Andrew Davis, Andy Runton, Ashley Holte, Ben Towle, Brad McGinty, Chris Pitzer, Claudine Hellmuth, Dave Newton, Duane Ballenger, Eleanor Davis, Gregory Dickens, J. Chris Campbell, Jason Gammon, Jeaux Janovsky, Jenn Young, Josh Cotter, Josh Drews, Josh Latta, Justin Gammon, Pat Lewis, Patrick Dean, Rob Patterson, Rob Ullman, Scott Elingburg and more...

The awesome Wrap-around cover is drawn by the equally awesome and all around nice guy, Justin Gammon. Halloween 2006 kiddies. Mark yr Calendars! Ask for it at yr local friendly neighborhood comic book shop!! And if they don't have it, order it.
cool? cool.

My story in WA666, made a debut in an art show I was in a few months back at a gallery called the Smell. It was funny seeing peeps trying to make out the words in the comic. That's my good friend Liz O. and her bf Carlos reading Tales To Make You Pee Yr Pants. Or if you'd prefer, the more affectionate term, Pee-Pants.

Compooter Animation by Avi Tuchman based on art by JEAUX Janovsky!