Friday, October 14, 2005

Portfolio Madness a go go!!!

Yup. You asked for it. After all the emails I received requesting i put up a few sample portfolio pieces here on ALL MY HEROES, plus not to mention throwing in a few unseen sketchbook pages... I'm finally doing it! Enjoy!!!

how can you resist a napping monkey? especially when they dream of banannas? mmmm... :)

here's some concept sketches for a character of mine named Puto, short for Putolomew. Puto likes cookies and snails.

YUP. Bigfoot and Masculine Duck. 2 of my favorite characters inhabiting my head. I feel a little like Joel Schumakker, the nitwitted director who put bat-nipples on the bat-suit. stare closely at bigfoot's chest... if you dare!

I have a theory that Jim Henson's beard was secretly a Muppet. If i ever do end up finishing this film idea, it would be The Jim Henson Story, as told by his Beard. Beards are funny.

My girlfriend's Auntie Junko from Japan, really liked this picture of the kitty and his IPhonograph. And as we all know, Japanese people are light years beyond America when it comes to cool things! Then she said I looked like Tezuka Osamu because I was always drawing in my sketchbook and wore silly glasses like he did. I took it as a compliment. ;)

robots are kick ass.

another favorite character of mine, the villainous evil pottytrained housecat with a world domination complex: Sgt. Baron Von Muffles!!!

i think the little boy is stinky. aren't all boys anyhow?

what are we? FUN!!! this is a drawing i did while working with Mattel a few years ago. fun fun!
and now on to some recent sketchbook fun! this is from my summer sketchbook... Infinity + Shipping and Handling: a sketchbook series by Jeaux.

If you have been following All My Heroes closely, you'll remember the comic book idea about Oona the time-traveling Monkey Girl and HIPHOP, her bunny mechanic sidekick pal. In December, i'll be submitting the Oona storyline to TokyoPop manga comics for possible publication! This is an early concept sketch of her before i thought of her as monkey.

windy day girl.

i dunno about this... i think i was tapping into some weird "acne-ridden, 15 year old, heavy metal listening, role-playing, video gaming" part of my psyche.

i think i was feeling all emotastically sad the day i made this... :(

here's an unfinished comic i started based on my girlfriend's little cute niece Mia Chan. It was to be all about the day and nite we spent babysitting her. We swam and watched cartoons from the Las Vegas Library, she ended up crying for her mommy and daddy in the nitetime...when you're three years old and mommy and daddy are gone, your whoooole world gets destroyed! so the only way to get her to tucker herself out is to drive her around at nite, but she wanted to bring her two puppies with her... a little weiner dog and a poodle. the puppies were sooo annoying, and the little weiner dog peepee'ed in the backseat. all this crazy nonsense while listening to Mexican Mariachi music playing in the background!!! (mia picked it.)

aaaaand finally, the END. this was the final page in my sketchbook. Bringing it all back full circle. Except this time it's Oona in her current incarnation. yessir. bedeebedeebedee, that's all folks.

Compooter Animation by Avi Tuchman based on art by JEAUX Janovsky!