Saturday, September 10, 2005

Amination skool and what i done did got taughted learned thurr: Vol. 1

going through the jeaux archives in the vault deep in the Jeaux-Cave, underneath my lavish jeaux Manor Mansion... i found this old comic i done did a while back when i was all up in Calarts' amination school's grill. it's silly. interesting factoid:the unicorn/hornicorn actually made an appearance in my last year film.
on the home front: i found a place in the glendale area. it's a 3 bedroom mansion apartment, well the outside is misleading and it tricks you by making you think it looks rundown... looks can be deceiving and never judge a book by it's cover... inside the apartment, however, it's huge and spacious. with new tile, cabinets, plus the landlord is cool too. he's sort of like a grandfatherly gepetto kind of a man.
my roomies are both from calarts as well: brendan is in his final year in experimental animation, and lee just graduated with an mfa in the music school.
interesting factoid #2: lee made the music for my infamous 3rd year film, the adventures of Lil' 2pac.

yo, i'm out. peace.

Compooter Animation by Avi Tuchman based on art by JEAUX Janovsky!