Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Keep their heads ringing!!!

celly, originally uploaded by Joox1.

Whatup y'all,
Fresh from California, and back in the saddle in Las Vegas for a few weeks to tweek a few finishing touches on the Jeauxland Website! (Which, by the way, you can click on my All My Heroes Banner to yr Left and It'll magically transport you to JeauxLand!)
While home, I found an old sketchbook of mine lying around my room! And as promised, you will get a lot more comics I've been doing lately... and a lot more doodles, drawrings, and character designs i can manage to squeeze in.
Just to keep you up to speed:
I rocked in my meeting with Sprite Animation, a cool Japanese CGI animation studio, and am 99.9% sure i have got a freelance gig doing character designs/ conceptual art for them! So we will see, and keep our fingers crosssed for that!
I finished up a 5 page comic submission for the Oni Press Talent Search, of which I'm not really expecting much to come out of it... but you never know! I ended up happy with the art I did for that one.
Currently, finishing up on another comic book adventure w/ possible publication (4 pages, full color! woo-hoo!) from a cool indy company out in South Carolina!
Also: almost done on the artwork and music for the Plankton Meets DJ HummingbirdFeeder album, tentatively titled," Highlights For Chillin'"
Things are picking up, and projects are starting to snowball in. I'm a happy camper.
Now if only, I can get a job!

Compooter Animation by Avi Tuchman based on art by JEAUX Janovsky!