Monday, April 05, 2010

Cool Peeps Sketchbook Drawings Series

So, I have a nifty new sketchbook that I am in major love with. It was made by Tyler Bender Book Co., and he re-purposes, re-sizes, old library books.

The pages are heavy and dense and can handle most strong markers without heavy bleeding to the next page and the binding is pretty durable. I love the size of the book and it's fairly intimate for both artist and reader/lookie-loo. In this case, the book that was re-purposed was Stars Fell On Alabama by Carl Carmer.

Needless to say, I carry this book with me everywhere I go and I doodle in it ALL the time!
Lately, it's become a bit more valuable to me since I began letting friends and heroes alike, doodle in it too!

Here's a few of my favorite doodles folks have been kind enough to give me thus far:
Sherm Cohen doodles up a great bad ass Perry, Agent P for me during my field trip to Disney last week!
Another great Sherm Cohen Quality Brand Doodle!!!
Here's a Robert Williams, the granddaddy of "Low-Brow", sketch note doodle I did during a lecture of his at CSUN, that he was kind enough to autograph for me!
Here's a doodle I did of Young Matt Groening/Old Matt Groening that Matt Groening was kind enough to autograph too! I met him at Gary Panter's Lecture/opening a couple weeks ago at PCC!
A doodle by my pal Kat Rivera! She is the doodle queen and fun to draw with!!!
Ran into Johnny Ryan at the Gary Panter Lecture/Opening too! Yea, it was a really cool nite! He doodled me this original Blecky Yuckerella all up in my sketchbook's grillage!!! (and apparently meditating too!)
What can I say about Gary Panter? The man is a fricking geniux. And he drew me an original Jimbo sketch in my sketchbook!!! Cool, eh? This was during his Lecture/Opening at PCC!
Here's a great doodle Cristina Paulos, the other half of Doubled8, did for me of one of my characters: the fabulous Fez-tastic Porter Duck!
A great blade-runner-esque doodle in my sketchbook from the equally great and harrison ford-like Chad Essley!
Here's a great Porter Duck doodle from Chad Essley in mah sketchbook!!!

You can also check out all these via Flickr & Twitpic!

Coming soon:
my Sketch Note Doodles!

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