Sunday, October 31, 2010

Social Networking & You... I mean... ME!

I'm a firm believer in the powers of "Social Networking".

There has never been a greater time to get in touch w/ anyone, anywhere in the whole wide world (web). People you admire and look up to are just (seemingly) a click and an email away. I never thought much of it... until today.

For posterity, it's October 31st, 2010.

Come to think of it, the early days of blogging (circa 2004-2005) led me & got me one of the best jobs I ever had(Frederator/NextNewNetworks), connected me w/ some pretty amazing artists and friends (seriously, check out my links!)(wanna be one of them? write me and let me know!), won me a computer, published in comix anthologies & magazines, featured on a comics legend's site, a few art shows, and even got me in touch with some of the current things I am doing now (i.e. freelancing, animation tests, pitching to major companies, etc.)! To name a few.

Okay Internet, you win. Hands down. I think you are pretty cool.

Today the internet got me on the radar of one of my all time heroes, the great Ralph Bakshi. Little did I know, that sending out something as simple as a birthday wish would get little ol' me noticed by Ralph F*ckin' Bakshi!!!

The kind folks who run his site, RalphBakshi dot com, are also in charge of his personal Facebook page. I received these notices this morning, and my eyes almost popped out my skull! Much like in one of Ralph's toons!

Check it:

Dudes (and dudettes), Ralph Bakshi is using MY Bakshi Tribute image as his Profile pic Avatar on Facebook.

Yea, I know.

Awesome, right?

Do you realize what this (temporarily) means?!?! It means I'm associated w/ him! Ralph and his folks like my piece so much that they wanted to use it to represent him (briefly) on Fricking Facebook! Holy F*cking Cow, man!

This is dorky, but to me, this is even bigger than the time my art was featured on Gene Simmons' personal site! Yes, Bakshi is bigger than KISS. I said it!

I have been a BIG Bakshi fan ever since I was a little boy whose mom rented him Fritz the Cat, by accident mind you (she wasn't THAT cool), and seeing that at a young age (5 maybe?) warped my brain! And I sincerely mean that, in the best of ways. So you can imagine... I was freaking out today.

Wow. What a great treat to receive on Halloween!

Thank you Ralph, Victoria, Brother Rabbit & the rest of the crew at RalphBakshi dot com!


Thank you from the bottom of my cartoon loving heart.

-Jeaux Janovsky

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