Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Smell Macaroni & Cheeze! Tom Hart @ SVA interview on Youtube: the sketch-note

Yesterday I won a free 5x8 sketchbook from Blick Art Materials, and I also purchased a few comic making supplies (i.e. mechanical pencil, brand new Tombow brush, a pack of bristol board, etc.), and what better way to break in the new sketchbook than by doing a sketch-note page at 3a.m.?

Better yet, why not make it a sketch-note of cartoonist Tom Hart on the Youtubes giving an interview at SVA?

It's a 9 parter, broken up into 5 minute clips, and there's some pretty great nuggets and kernels o' good ol' cartoonin' wisdom oozin' on out of 'em.

If you'd like to see them too, click here.

Unless you're lazy, than you can just watch the first installment down below.

Thanks for being such a great and encouraging inspiration Tom!

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