Saturday, November 06, 2010

All My Heroes Contest: Name our B-Movie Title, Win a personalized Facebook Avatar from Jeaux Janovsky!

Hey gang! The results are in!

A couple weeks ago, Ava had her John Waters themed Halloween House warming party. I dressed up as a Drape from Cry-Baby, and Ava did her best Divine style. We took a picture together, and I commented on how it looked like a bad B-Movie from the early 90s! I meant it in the best of ways. :)

We even have an imaginary theme song to the opening credits in our fake movie!

A Love From Outer Space by A.R. Kane!

That prompted me to run a contest on Facebook, open to all my pals on both Facebook & Tumblr, wherein I asked them to name our bad 90s B-Movie and the winner will get a one of a kind, unique, personalized Facebook Avatar doodle from me!

Ava & I sat down and discussed the titles, which were rated by how hard we laughed and snickered at them. I even created Mock Movie posters for our pretend movies! I think they came out pretty cheezy and awesome! Perhaps I found my calling in bad graphic design! (Anyone wanna hire me? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?)

Here are the winners for Facebook proper:

1st place "Legend of the Legendary Legion of Legions"- Kyle Maki
Ava heard that title without knowing it was our friend Kyle, and she let out the mightiest guffaw over that one! Great job Kyle!

2nd Place Runner Up "Lightning in Leather" Paul Linsley

Here are the winners on Tumblr:

1st place "The Biker Mafia from Outer Space!!!"- Naomi Mac Millan

2nd place Runner Up "Green Velvet Meets The Greaser In Frogtown"- Trevor Pitt

3rd place Runner Up “The Bearded Soul Train TO HELL”- Michael Rodgers

Here are the details:
  • 1st place winners get their FB Avatar doodles fully colored.
  • Runners up will get theirs in Black & White.
  • I will need you to email me a picture so I can draw you. It would also be helpful to me if you could tell me a couple of your likes or dislikes, such as "I enjoy hamburgers and sleeping", or let me know if you want me to draw you doing something/anything! Nothing is too wacky, bizarre, or shocking. Be Creative!
  • You can reach me HERE, or via Facebook.

Here are some entries that, while great, didn't quite make the final cut.
"Rebel with a beard"- Peter Espinal

"Hair: A Tragedy"- Colton

"The Vestibule"- Mell

"The Day the Internet stood still"- Dreams-are-Wild

Thanks to all who participated! :)

Now to get all Avatarded! I'll be keeping my 4 eyes on my email inbox winners!
-Jeaux Janovsky

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