Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CTN Xpo '09 Sketch-Notes

These are my long overdue CTN Animation Expo 2009 Sketch Notes.

I met a lot of great & talented people, went to some fun panels, and had a blast. I hope these Sketch Notes convey that sentiment.

CTN X '09 schedule This is my schedule for the CTN Animation Expo 2009. Yes, I color coded it by day.

The Power of Mime- Lorin Eric Salm. Mr. Salm was very nice & funny. Kinda Quiet. ;)

Who's Who in the Animation Pipeline- Angela Lepito. Angela has been on my email list for years and it was so nice to finally meet her in person.

Crafting the Short Pitch- Pilar Alessandra. Pilar had some great information in her great panel. I'd love to check out one of her workshops sometime.

From Designs to Toys- Mitchell Bernal. It was great to learn how Mitchell turned his passion for toys and collecting them into a business he loves doing and thrives in. He created the popular Skeleanimals toyline!

How I Sell the Pitch- Guy Vasilovich. Guy's advice was awesome. I'm a big fan of the shorts he's produced for Frederator, so it was nice to hear him talk and tell his pitching tales and battles. Great, funny guy. I love his art style too.

Anatomy of a Hit Animated Series: The Decision Makers- Ramin Zahed, Swampy Marsh, Jamie Mitchell, Dan Povenmire, Ford Riley. This was another great panel by Disney Creators of Phineas & Ferb, and Special Agent Oso. Their advice was great, and they are smart & hilarious guys.

Getting a Job in Animation and Keeping it- Steve Hickner. Steve Hickner's panel was very entertaining, but sadly, too short. He had some good advice and a great outlook on life.

The Broad-appeal of Animation- Frank Gladstone, Brenda Chapman, Sue Nichols, Kathy Zielinski. To tell you the truth I was still in the middle of waking up while at this panel. Thank god for coffee, and for the fact the panel was very encouraging and insightful.

Developing the Animated Comedy Feature- Steve Kaplan. Steve's panel on the animated comedy feature was fun, as he's a funny guy. Lots of good notes, and things to research in there, if you can read my chicken scratch.

Top: They Got it All, But I Did it All: How to protect what you do.- Glenn Litwak
Bottom: The Power of Improv- Ezra Weisz, School of Improv @ Bang Comedy Theatre, L.A.
Glenn Litwak talked about all the stuff that makes you wanna pull your hair out, and Ezra's Improv panel was really good. I'd like to take a few workshop classes there when I can raise up some $.

The World of Appeal (Bill Peet)- Tenny Chonin, Ed Gombert. This was a good panel, it was just too short. Which was too bad. :(

Top: Color Scripting: The Art Directors from Pixar, Disney, Sony- Charles Solomon, Andy Gaskill, Dave Goetz, Dice Tsutsumi, Lou Romano.
Bottom: Spotlight Focus Interview: Harald Siepermann, Tina Price.
The Color Scripting Panel was great, but severely crowded. Loved hearing all these guys speak about Color Scripting and the art of. Lou Roman knocked my eyes out. His art, I mean. Harald Siepermann's interview was great. As an aspiring character designer myself, I loved absorbing his great advice and beautiful drawings.

Special Thanks go out to Tina Price & the rest of the moderators, speakers, guests, volunteers, exhibiting artists and professionals for throwing such a fun and memorable event. Glad I was there to soak it up.

You can also find all these Sketch Notes as a Flicker Set on my Flickr page. Feel free to print them out and stick em on your wall!

Stay Free.

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