Monday, January 08, 2007

Say What?!?

So, I've been really busy at Broadcaster (dot) com, and heavily neglecting my blogging duties. I am making it my New Years Resolution to better myself and my horrendous Time Management. 2007 is gonna be a great year, I can feel it in my bones.
So I thought I would celebrate by posting up some semi-new stuffs just for you!
This first one is WTF style. Seriously, what the F?
I'm proudest of the poopie i colored.

Minnie Scrotes. What else can I say about a grotesque yet lovable lima bean shaped cartoon Transvestite? I think that's about it. Other than the usual "What's Wrong With Me?" that crawls from my mouth after I finish a drawing like this. And the fact I took the time to color it (kinda) in photoshop? Hmmm... What IS wrong with me?

Witness Concept Dog. The most brilliant mind Hollywood will never know. Concept Dog has the greatest Genre Films Concepts of all time, but the producers constantly fail to take notice of them... because he's a cute dog.
who wears cosby sweaters.
and...he's a dog. So he uh, doesn't talk.
All Ideas are copyright & Trademark Jeaux Janovsky 2006-2007, So don't be a Jerk!

Compooter Animation by Avi Tuchman based on art by JEAUX Janovsky!