Sunday, November 05, 2006

I ain't no Walter Cronkite, but I sure can dance like him Bitch.

Here's something to look at before reading my Novel sized entry. Old stuff lying around on my ol' pooter that still makes me chuckle.

It's weird. I've always wanted to be a reporter. I even went so far as to take a few journalism classes during my brief stint in Jr. College Pre-Calarts.
Maybe it stems from my young mind watching Kermit the Frog on Sesame Street dressed as a reporter, complete with a beige trenchcoat and Press hat. Seeing Kermit on Sesame Street used to blow my mind more so than ANY comic book crossover ever did. As I was solely used to him exclusively on The Muppet Show.
Or maybe it was Superman. Good Ol' mild mannered Clark Kent. He reported for the Daily Planet. I liked the idea of the duality super hero secret identities, and I also think that's why I wear my Buddy Holly Style glasses. Maybe that is my secret identity. Maybe I am also a Super Hero! Is it such a coincidence that I named this Blog All My HEROES have Day-Jobs?
I have been having a blast Interviewing and Featuring people and friends that I admire. I want to push further than just Animation and broaden the spectrum of Who & What we are featuring on CHANNEL F. I don't want it to be just another carbon copy of Drawn, Cold Hard Flash, or Cartoon Brew! While all these sites are great... I would like Channel Fred to stand out with a little distinction. Give it the sophistication and notoriety it truly deserves.
I want to thank Fred Seibert, Eric Homan, Melissa Wolfe at Team Fred for believing in me + allowing me to start getting known for my writing, as well as my art in the Animation/Art Community, and for being a part of the Channel Fred Action News Team!
I would also like to thank all of the artists, animators, and friends that I have interviewed so far. I hope to interview and feature many, many more.
I wanted to post a few links to some interviews I have done recently, so you can all check em out!
Miles Thompson- Parts 1, 2 & 3
Tim Biskup
Eric "ToxicToons" Pigors
Ron Yavnieli
Morgan Kelly
Jared Chapman
Susie Gharemani
Janie Geiser- Frankenstein (Mortal Toys)
Mukkin' Around w/ Mukpuddy Animation
John Fountain's Memories of a Teenage Robot
3 tuff guys art show
AllCAPS/Mad Villain
City @ Nite
Give me some Constructive Feedback on them People! Please! Let me know how I can make them cooler than they already are!
What's working in them? What's not working?
What Qs should I be asking? What Qs would you ask? What Qs am I missing?
Do You have an Art show you want to promote?
Give me suggestions on who YOU want to see interviewed, or if YOU want to be interviewed! drop me(Jeaux)an email at:
promotecartoons (at) gmail(dot)com.
I know I'm asking the same Qs over and over again. I personally would like to start breaking out of that mold and ask complete original "Jeaux Style" questions.
I'm still gaining my sea legs so to speak, so please bear with me. Although, it seems to be working out pretty damn well for me so far!
What makes the Interviews so entertaining are the Subjects.
Talented, Funny, Hilarious, Insightful, Smart, Twisted, Sweet, Mad, Gifted, Insane (in the best of ways), True, Genuine People. Each Person/Persons give different answers each time. I'm happy and severely proud to be a part of that.
I learn something new from each interview and I certainly hope that you do too!
I have a slew of More talented Artists/Animators/Musicians I'll be slinging yr way soon enough!!! SO Stay on the Lookout & Keep Tuning in!!!
Same Jeaux Time, Same Jeaux Channel.
Only on Channel Frederator.
Yr #1 SOURCE of Animation News & Interviews.

Compooter Animation by Avi Tuchman based on art by JEAUX Janovsky!