Friday, August 11, 2006

Peg Leg Orphanage Pix!!!

First off: Animal Sounds Episode 2, Out Now!!! You can peep it over at The Rockit. Thanks goes out to Liz O., Rory Rogers, and the lovely and mysterious Violet Peters.
Now onto the Show!!!
Pics from Jeaux Janovsky's Peg-Leg Orphanage Opening Reception!!!

Here I am with Momma Jeaux and my DDC collaborator/GF Cristina Natsuko Paulos. This particular photo was taken a few days after the craziness of the PLO show Opening by Greg Thilmont. Greg is super cool, and runs his own Video Podcasting site called Arts of Vegas, in which he covers the burgeoning, booming art scene in the Sincity.
Be sure to tune into his Video Podcast coverage of the PLO show! (also be sure to check out Cristina's super cool Video Podcast also on that site!) Thanks Greg!

Pimpled Pete and Enrique his Monkey parasitic twin!

We were crammed wall to wall like sardines inside the FunkHouse!

Here I am, decked out like a mad scientist, surveying the onslaught of lookie-loos and surviving the heat. Luckily we had a nice fan for the show.

Here's a few of the pieces hung up. Lookin' good Mateys!!!

This is possibly my favorite pic of the evening. This guy coulda doubled as a Pirate! Despite his tough, crotchety demeanor, and cool dagger tattoo, he was surprisingly really nice and loved the Peg Leg Orphanage concept! He belted out a deep hearty guffaw as he was leaving! Moments like that, let me know i did a great job and made people laugh and smile, snicker and chuckle.
Towards the end of the night, Cristina and I ended up making our way to another closeby gallery, where we both had Radiator Art pieces hanging up. Yes! I had 2 Art Shows that day!!! Crazy? Sure.

Here's Cristina's Glam and Great Barbarella Remix! So good and gaudy!!! I love the sparkles and sequins!

This is my Supa Mario Nintendo Tribute! The pipe and controller buttons were made of foam, Mario was painted on thin plywood as was the ? box, and the goomba was cutout from a paperbag. Truthfully, I could've done a bit better on the composition, but the execution didn't come out that terrible. It's cute and nostalgic!
Overall, I felt PLO was a huge success. To me, success is not judged monetarily, but by whether or not people received yr concept and execution well. It made people laugh and smile. It proved to me that I can make people laugh, especially now, when times are so dark. People need to be reminded to smile every so often. For one night, I took the "K" out of FunKhouse, and made it a FUNHOUSE!!!
Thank you to all who showed up!
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Keep tuning into All My Heroes, and my new Blog: Lunch Break, for all things JEAUX!!!

Compooter Animation by Avi Tuchman based on art by JEAUX Janovsky!