Monday, December 14, 2009

DRAWcember: El Grande Payback-Oh!

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I owe around 13 comics for the remainder of November, for the NEWvember Comics I didn't finish. Luckily, this is now DRAWcember, and you will get those 13 comics + 1 today!

Yes, I will be releasing 14 comics in 1 day!

Crazy? Maybe.

Insane? Perhaps.

Can I do it?

Gosh, I hope so.

So here's the 1st "Lost" comic of today, DRAWcember entry #3: "El Grande Payback-Oh", another Haunted Homeys comic which made it's black & white debut in a mini-comic I recently stapled together. It's probably my favorite Haunted Homeys comic thus far!

Lucky for you guys, you get the colored version!

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