Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Drawing (and Meeting) Sarah Silverman!!!

Hey Honkies,
So here's the rest of the Sarah Silverman illustration I teased last week, remember?
No, really... LOOK!!! :D

Me & Sarah Silverman, sittin' in a tree...!!! ok, more like a countertop at a bookstore... but still!

My pal Kat & I thought it would be cool to meet the fantastic & funny Sarah Silverman at a signing for her new book, The Bedwetter, at Book Soup on Sunset in Hollywood-land.

I gave Sarah a copy of my mini-comic, Haunted Homeys, of which she seemed to take a genuine interest in! She might even read it on the toilet someday! Maybe? Kinda? Anyhow, a boy can dream right? I kid, I kid. It's pretty cool that she seemed to dig it tho'! Go Homeys!!!

Look at her SMILE!!!


This was when I gave her the limited edition (of 2!) illo-print of a Kid friendly, Golden Books inspired, retro re-imagining of her book!
I told her a spin-off would be HUGE! And to tap into that Kid Market! Needless to say, she LOVED my art, and said something kinda to the effect of "Wow!!! Jeaux! Amazing!!" etc.

I forget.

All I know is I was glowing for the rest of the evening. Luckily, I had her sign me a copy I brought along for myself that can attest to her sentiments.

She also signed a copy of her book, The Bedwetter, for me as well! I got the usual quizzical stare from her over the spelling of my name at first, but Sarah's wit and funny smarts are always so spot-on, and without hesitation she asks, "JEW?!?" Which I get from folks all the time too, but coming from her it was just hilarious. I explained laughing, "Nah dawg, it's just JOE."

Ok, I didn't really say it like that.

I'm just trying to cover up for the fact that I felt a little star-struck. Kinda like Ralphie, in A Christmas Story, when he was dead set on telling Santa he wanted a BB gun, but instead Santa force fed "Football?" in his mouth.
Anyhow, here's what she wrote:

Jeaux! There's also this Way Option: JOE. Sarah Silverman

Sarah is such a rarity in Hollywood. She was very laid back, genuine, gracious, and 110% awesome. Did I mention she's also dreamy & hilarious? Yea, she is!

In the end, football in hand, I had a great time and think I & my art made a good impression on the lovely Sarah.

It was rad meeting her.

You know, I wasn't even THAT nervous about meeting her, well there was a little of that, but not much. She made me feel pretty comfy/casual. It was her manager/assistant type friends that were making me feel kinda stressy bessie.
But hey, in the end I made everyone SMILE with my art!

Here's the proof:

I hope our paths will cross again someday. Thanks for being so cool Sarah.
-Jeaux Janovsky

Special Thanks go out to:
my friend Kat, for notifying me about the event and for driving us out there, risking a possible parking ticket, and battling the old folks behind us. You rock.

Book Soup for hosting such a fun event! Yay you guys!

My pal Esau Kessler, Mr. UN, for lending an eye or two to my un-graphicy design work and helping a brutha out in a pinch w/ font usage and whatnot! He helped spruce up the top image cause he's cool like that.


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Chris of Sarah Silverman Online, one of the biggest, if not THE biggest resource for all things Sarah-ness on the interwebs, got in touch with me about featuring my Golden Book Sarah Illo along w/ the pic of her & I together on SSO! As you can see above, he also tweeted my lil' ol' blog post. What a great guy!

You can check out the SSO Fan Art & Fan Photos here: &

Thanks so much Chris! :D

You can now find my Sarah Silverman/Bedwetter/Book Soup set on FLICKR!

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