Friday, June 10, 2011

Swine Time!

Recently, I had the pleasure of doing some freelance for my pal Daniel Levitch's film company, Well-Oiled Machine and their property: the Swine trilogy.

Daniel thought I'd be a good fit for creating the illustrations for the DVD covers to each trilogy installment, I think he was right!

Daniel & I both love the B/W work of Tim Bradstreet, and used his style as an inspirational springboard for the design sensibility of the cover illos.

My process was easily complicated.

  • Daniel gave me a few pics to use of his actors.
  • Once I found my choices, I brought the pics into photoshop and manipulated them into something that sort of resembled a B/W photocopy machine look.
  • I toyed around w/ laying out and arranging the pics and shared the mockups w/ Daniel.
  • Once Daniel okayed the mockups, I printed out the B/W characters on separate pages and prepared them for the hand drawn inking process.
  • I taped the images to my lightbox and went to work w/ my sharpies and ink pens.
  • I rescanned the inked characters and brought them back into photoshop and placed them in their proper areas, the same areas as when I layed them out for mockups.
  • I sent Daniel & his friend Koren the PSD files and they created the final DVD covers.

I haven't had a chance to check out the final look, but I'm sure they did an awesome job. Pretty excited because Daniel & the rest of Well-Oiled Machine will be debuting Swine at Comic-Con this year!

Åsa Wallander as Wallace

Kelley Gallagher as Cahill

Kellsy MacKilligan as Mercedes

Jackie Becker as Amelia

Alanna Brown as Renn

Emily Chetner as Beck

Chris Wiley as Nixon

Gregory Lee Kenyon as Erickson

Thanks for letting me be a part of Swine, Daniel! I'm sure it'll kick loads of ass, bud.

To check out Swine, head over to the film's site:, watch the trailer, here, friend & like 'em over at the official Swine Facebook page!

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