Saturday, October 08, 2011


Here is the trailer for my pal Whit Hertford & Ryan Darst’s feature film Dreamworld!
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Oliver Hayes, an aspiring animator whose confidence is at a low point, meets the captivating and impulsive Lily Blush, who encourages him to drop everything and go with her to Northern California in the hopes of fulfilling his fantasy of working for Pixar Animation Studios. As they travel up the coast, Oliver falls deeply in love but upon making certain startling discoveries he must decide if he wants to face reality or stay in dreamworld.

Coming to festivals 2012!

Here's a funny still from my cameo in the film. I look like I'm farting, and I make the best faces EVER! On the right is the HILARIOUS Allan Mcleod! It was hard keeping a straight face during his lines!

Outside Fake Gallery before shooting my cameo scene! @ Fake Gallery, Los Angeles. The scene takes place at an "art opening" for Allan's character, "Arnold". Love that they found a location called "FAKE" for that.

w/ Johnny Pemberton, Robert Gibbs, Matt Jones, Mary Kate Wiles, Matt Bush, Allan Mcleod, Nora Kirkpatrick, and Me! Also my Life After Myth character designs w/ animation by Puny!

Ned & the Life After Myth gang chow down.

Ned tries to get back into the spotlight.

Life After Myth Character Line up

Check out the Dreamworld Tumblr & the full Life After Myth animated trailer!
Here's a prop fake business card design I made for Whit's character, Oliver in the film.

Rough sketch of Oliver (w/ butthead).

It's an honor that Whit consulted w/ me and loosely based his character Oliver off of me and my cartoon pitching experiences, down to using my art & designs, and even the name Brainfarts for Oliver's "animation company"! (I'm planning on coming out w/ a collection of my comics called "Jeaux Janovsky's Brain Farts"!) Met lots of great people on that shoot, and was happy they let me be a small part of it.
According to Dreamworld director Ryan Darst:

"Thanks for coming out on Wednesday. Your scene is already the stuff of legend."

Can't wait til Dreamworld comes out! Enjoy the trailer in the meantime!
-Jeaux Janovsky

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Compooter Animation by Avi Tuchman based on art by JEAUX Janovsky!