Monday, March 21, 2011

Good to be the King!

Couple good things poppin' off in the Jeaux pipe-line:

My Joe Murray/Kaboing Congratulatory Piece wound up on his personal journal on none other than my Birthday, March 17th!!!
Here's what he had to say:

You can check it out here too!
Pretty cool, eh?
It was a very great way to cap off an already epic & great birthday! Many thanks Joe!
You should go check out Kaboing TV, the 2nd episode of Frog in a Suit is out for your perusal.

I'll also post it here, cause Joe is just so darn nice for posting about lil yours truly!

I'm finishing up on a bit of freelance back to back. Wish I could show off a few glimpses of sneak peeks from the projects, but I'd better keep em under wraps for the moment. I'm sure you'll be hearing about them, soon as I get word I can spread some images and info around.

I recently had a great time on my birthday, Mar.17th-18th, spending it at Disneyland and staying at the D-Land hotel w/ my gf, Ava.

Outside Fake Gallery, a location for Dreamworld

The day before my b-day, I spent it by acting in a small scene in my pal Whit's feature film, Dreamworld. IMDB page here: Met lots of great people on that shoot, and was happy they let me be a small part of it. Whit sorta based his character off of me, so you'll be seeing a bunch of my stuff in it!
According to Dreamworld director Ryan Darst:
"Thanks for coming out on Wednesday. Your scene is already the stuff of legend."
Here's the Dreamworld teaser trailer:


Got a bunch of other things on the horizon and in the works! Workin' on setting up doin' a bunch of animated music vids for friends once freelance lets up.
One I'm proud to mention is my boy Weapon X, whom I've proudly known since our early days at Blockbuster together. He's layin' down some genuine, true hip hop and I can't wait to see what type of concepts we'll come up with!
Here's a recent vid of his you should all peep out.

Back to the drawing board lab for more Freelancin' Romancin'! BTW, I am available for freelance, so please hook a brother up!
See the side-bar to get in touch, or for more info. ;)

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