Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Look what I found under a rock in my room!

That's right Loyal Readers... Old Artsy Farts! Enjoy em.

Yup. These are actually what my class notes look like. I believe these particular notes were for my screenwriting class. i just really dig the elves. Oh art school, how i miss thee.

My third year at calarts, is that junior in normal school terms? I had an internship/scholarship at Mattel with their Platypus Group. I was able to score that along with fellow classmates Liz Ito, Mari Inukai, and Chris Choy (though he never showed up.) It was an awesome, amazing, and unbelievable experience I will never forget. I earned the nickname Ruckus because when I introduced myself, I used the phrase, "...and I'm here to bring the Ruckus to Mattel." So everyone called me Ruckus during my tenure there at Barbie HQ. I made these little Stickers up and my mentor Gary enjoyed them so much, he made tons of copies of them and distributed them to his fellow disgruntled Mattel employees. It was an odd feeling walking around Mattel and looking around in strangers cubicles and seeing the Ruckus stickers proudly plastered and on display within the confines of their drab Mattel walls.

drew this a long time ago, and colored it an equally long ass time ago. it's on a napkin and i drew it during a late nite food excursion to the Saugus Cafe in Valencia, California. That old lady waitress there made THE best chocolate milk I have ever had the pleasure of drinking...mmmm.

this was a flyer for my album, 15 yr petting zoo by Plankton. I was reading a lot of charles schulz and listening to a lot of J-LO. can't a man just apologize for his mistakes and regrets? no disrespect to chuck S.

For those of you keeping tabs, this was supposed to be the narrator of my Olandria the Octopus film idea I was to do my senior year. Frank Terry, dean of Calart's character animation school was to be the voice of this friendly little crab, aptly named Frank of course!Buut, something fell through and he couldn't make the recording, so i ended up scrapping the project. some day tho... Frank, if yr reading this, I hope you'll be ready! ;)

I started making a series of quick permanent marker doodles. kind of like the drawing game... where you quickly draw a shape, and then make a picture out of it. well, this one ended up as mr. clean. It still makes me laugh.

another one of those "drawing game" experiments... for some insane reason, Peeps really respond to this little guy.

I learned my lesson about using terrible photoshoppe gradients. this was one of my first times using the program. sorry.

Here's an old comic I did a long time ago. makes me really want a forty ouncer. anyone want to buy me one? ;)

another old comic. once again, done a while back. actually in the same class even. this and that are what happened when i was in my Interdisciplinary class. good times.

last but not least, here is a flyer i did in my fourth year at calarts for my roommate Casey Basichis. He's a multi talented video/music/artist type of a guy. he's just cool like that. The flyer was promoting his film/music video, Ocean Empire also on his site.
the little duck featured in the flyer, is one of my dearest creations, Masculine Duck. ah masculine duck. you have never let me down little buddy.
Had enough? be on the lookout. who knows when or where Jeaux will strike fear and giddiness in the hearts of men and women, boys and girls, and one or two old people next!!!

Compooter Animation by Avi Tuchman based on art by JEAUX Janovsky!