Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tonite we gonna Party like it's twenty OH Six!!!

Happy 2006 y'alls!!! I've been busy preparing for the Disney/Buena Vista Games ThinkTank by working on the paperwork/contract they sent me, also by putting in my 2 weeks at borders! Man, will it ever be good to walk up and away from that place.
Mary, if yr reading this, thanks for the advice by the way. But that picture above this bit of text, the one of the boy hanging, is how Borders makes me feel... Despite all this, i have found some time, to scan and color (badly might i add) a few new things that i have been up to lately. Now, on with the show.

I guess we can start with some rather old sketchbook stuff circa 2003. The above picture of the siamese/conjoined twins was for a film that never happened. It would have been fun to animate, being that the smaller twin isn't stationary to just the back, but he can travel thru his brother's body and pop out the other side, like his stomache for instance.

This boy swimming and pretending to be a shark was actually a concept cover piece for my pals in Totally Radd for their album Shark Attack Day Camp! Neil is a redonkulously gifted musician. My second year film was a music video for them: Turtle Eggs and Mumblety Pegs. Check my links for more info on them...

I make music too from time to time. well, try to at least. This was my first album 15 yr. Petting Zoo by Plankton, I also made the cover art for it. These days i've been creating lots of weirdo hiphop style stuff. If you are so inclined, or just bored, check it out HERE.

Onto some slightly newer sh*t. Everyone seems to be into owls these days. I blame Harry Potter, that give a hoot don't pollute owl, and that scary ass owl from the secret of nimh with the glowing spooky eyes.

For those of you keeping score, i used to work at two bookstores. One being (still) the horrible soul sucking hellhole void of death called borders, the other a quaint used bookstore deep in the heart of glendale, called Brand Bookshop. Met lots of cool cats there, both employees and customers. Rob Sato, comic book geniux, is on my links, so go check out his awesome art and buy his GN, Burying Sandwiches!!! Anyhow, I would sketch some of the clientele who would frequent the bookshop.
these are some of them.

the pic at the bottom is for a film i would like to animate someday, or perhaps make a childrens book about. It's about a little boombox boy and his small companion a little celphone. the story is simple and cute, boombox boy and celphone go on an adventure trying to find an outlet so that they may dance dance dance. just when said cute things are about to give up, they discover they didn't need no silly electricity to dance dance dance. the music was in them all along. and then they dance dance dance.
it makes me almost throw up a little bit in my mouth thinking about how cute it is. the pic above is just a weird little drawing i did of a kitty and a piece of cheese toast riding in some weird...uh... race... while waiting for cristina to get out of her chiropractor's appointment.

man oh man, do i ever miss Frank Terry and Corny Cole. I miss Calarts in general... I learned so much from these two guys.
the Frank Terry puppet holding the now infamous CG-DIE (CG I... get it?) mug, made an appearance in my last year's film, Jeaux's excellent quantum adventure leap to the future.

Here's some behind the scenes peek at the Nickelodeon/Frederator Pitch I have been working on.
I'm working on an idea based around a Super Villain who just can't get the hang of super-villaining. Also it doesn't help that he's a maniacal, demented genius that happens to be an ordinary goldfish. So what's an ordinary, demented, super villain wannabe, goldfish to do? Build a fishbowl headed robot, that's what! I've been toying around with the notion of our laughingstock hero/villain fish being the last remaining member of the League of Underwater Villainous Fish. Not that we will see the rest of the League in the short, but our fish catches a "vh1, behind the music, where are they now?" special on tv about his fellow League Villains. So I was thinking about different and cool aquatic Villains and how their bots would look... Up above are preliminary sketches of the GothBot, a vampire robot who carries his masterFish in an IV Drip, and the Mob-Bot who is just a cool four armed robot with tommy guns for hands and a lava lamp mafioso fishbowl.
Here are more refined pieces:

the next villain, Pooky, is based on Larry Huber, frontiersman of the wild plains of FrederatorVille. I designed it so that Pooky could fit into his TrapperBot, by placing the fishbowl upside down thus creating a beard for the tree stump head. Pooky is the dimwitted yet lovable country boy fish of the League. YeeHaw!

What can a Leaugue of Underwater Villainous Fish be without a PirateBot and Piranha eh?

He's just a walking peg-legged aquarium. I think the hat with an eyepatch is cool.
In the storyline, another absurd idea that has been running thru my noggin, is one where Our Gilled Protagonist Fish has to battle himself from the Future of a Few Minutes After, and reveals himself to be inside the body of an android version of the antagonist thru out the story, Mr.Chip, SuperMarket Manager of the ChipMart. (it makes sense, believe me... bear with me.) So, the Super super Villain Fish from the Future of a Few Minutes After, has this devious dastardly plot to stop himself from getting the "Root Beer" and reveals that he has turned a creepy kid who keeps popping up randomly thruout the short (as a running gag), into a godzilla beast mutant. It all ends with an epic and amazing Disco Apocalypse. Just an idea...

just to break up the monotony, here is the brilliant art of four year old Mia Rosario. Mia is Cristina's Niece and is adorable. She became one of my best drawing buddies this summer! this is one of my fave pics by her of a mermaid and an octopus!!!
So cute!

she's so gonna grow up to be an artist!
Here's some early developmental character designs for another pitch I plan on doing in the near future: Samurai Nanny. Given the mainstream's desire to be all cool and hip and asian, i thought this would be a cool, silly idea. It's Kill Bill meets Mary Poppins! though not at all violent, and none of the bloodshed, or..uh.. profanity... or cool soundtrack. And I'm just talking about Mary Poppins... But Still!

seriously, my pal Steven and I were at In-N-Out when I came up with SN. the idea gods smiled down on me that day, and ever since then i have been reading The Book Of the Five Rings and have been thinking nonstop on how to adapt that into a samurai's code of ethics when it comes to babysitting children of this modern age. Think of the hilarious possibilities: changing diapers, making PB&J sandwiches, etc.
solid f*cking gold.

So That's it really for today. You want more? well, I might post a few comics, and anything else i find lying around the old drawing board in the next few days.
Come January ninth, All My Heroes will be taking a Blog Hiatus for a little while so I may concentrate on the ThinkTank.
I just wanted to leave y'all with some Jeaux Goodies of delicious radicalness. I might be sending out some secret postings via email during the next few months, so if you would like to be included in the All My Heroes Secret Blog Society, send me an email with the words All My Heroes Secret Blog Society in the Subject Line. Password: Platypus.

Thank you to all of you for reading, and keeping up with my exploits and adventures, and generally for spying on me! it makes me blush! I'll see you all in a few Months!
I think We're gonna need a bigger boat,

PS- don't steal my sh*t. if you do i will hunt you down like a dog and kill your first, second, and third born. really tho. for reals.

Compooter Animation by Avi Tuchman based on art by JEAUX Janovsky!